Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Muslin, The Beginner, and Bed Sheets

I consider myself a rookie seamstress. Self-taught and hunkering down on this new sewing hobby makes me a fledgling in a bunch of different ways. I'm learning to using patterns, fitting things right, (making that bust dart not pucker at the end). Plus, there's fabric; marrying the right fabric to the right pattern, learning the different ways different fabric reacts and feels when wearing. Geesh... there's a lot to learn!

So what can I say has been the most helpful thing while embarking on this new adventure? You guessed it! Bed sheets. Those sheets I've been buying from the thrift store have made these beginnings possible, at least for me. Not having a lot of cash and having access to loads of fabric has been the card up my sleeve, the rabbit in my hat. It has allowed me to release my creative, to unleash the wild and come up with projects I'd never thunk up before. It's also let me dream, to imagine the dresses I'd make and the fabric I'd use if I had the money and confidence. Those are the dresses of tomorrow, the sweetness waiting after I hone my skills.

So enough about bed sheet worship, (humm that's a totally wacko thing to say). What can a bed sheet do for the experienced seamstress? Think Muslins. You know, that practice dress allowing you to work out the pattern for the more expensive fabric. (This is basically what I'm doing right? Along with learning.) And with bed sheets, you have the possibility of wearing your muslin, if things worked out right, and the ability to save a buck. Well, not one buck but lots. (Thrift store sheets are cheap.) So, keep this idea in your back pocket. Who knows, it might grow on you like my sheet fabric stash. ;)

Happy Sewing! Toot-a-loos

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