Sunday, September 9, 2012

My New Gertie Book

OOOOH I am so excited, guess what came yesterday? Yeah, okay... you've already guessed it. I know, I know, the post title gave it away.

Absolutely fabulous! LOVE it! Exactly what I need to teach me how to do things, and with an added modern twist on vintage. Bright and colorful photos, Gertie's contemporary voice, and inspiring fabulous patterns! I was wondering how the patterns were going to work and am not dissapointed. They're sheets of multi-sized pieces in which you have to create you're own patterns by tracing them onto tracing paper. At first I was, huh... hummm... but after taking a look at them the prospect makes me smile. These patterns will really fit well, with me able to jump sizes in area's I need, such as a larger hip size, or smaller waist. Plus, I'll have the creative ability to adjust the patterns, making new variations without much sweat. Awesome!

You may be wondering what pattern I'll do first? That's a hard one. Honestly, I think I'll work through all the patterns, or nearly all but at this particular moment I think I'd have to say this dress:

1940's Zip-Front Dress
I love the casual look of this dress, plus the zippered front, plus the elastic shirring at the back, plus... Well, I just like it. But it is highly likely I'll change my mind when the time comes to choose. I'm known to do that a lot. I just may work from the first to last like a sewing school course. That sounds fun too. Any-who, this was a excellent way to spend 23 bucks, (bought it at Amazon). A great value for what you get. I'll keep you updated when I start this sewing adventure.

Have you bought any new sewing books lately?

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