Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day After Day Dress in Bluebird

Day After Day ModCloth Bluebird Dress

I've had this thing lately about the simple day dress. You know, just something that you can wear everyday, casual enough to not look super fancy. Something I can chase my three sons around in. Something that's not going to slow me down (they're fast!) but looks stylish and makes me feel feminine.

This dress would be just the thing. Not too flashy. Perfectly casual. And elegant. I love it-- just know it would go great with blue Dr. Martens, (which I don't have), so I'd have to settle with my navy canvas shoes. ;}

So I'm off to find a pattern and do some dress "dabbling" so to speak. (The word "dabbling" actually has a whole different meaning than "dabbler". It is more in line with ducks than with tinkering, just to be clear I'm not speaking of ducks. Just know you were thinking that.)

Toot-a-loo :} 

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