Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Great Search for the Patt-O-Rama Dress

Vintage Patt-O-Rama 8320 Pattern

Well, it's the way it always works doesn't it! Some Murphy's law or something. You find a vintage pattern you adore and it's not in your size. Frankly, pattern re-sizing freaks me out, plus I'm lazy. Yeah, I said it. Lazy with a capital L. I just want to take out my pattern and begin making, not mess around with the abracadabra equations and all the hokus-pokus it takes to re-size a pattern. Maybe I'm not desperate enough or maybe my pattern illiteracy is showing through, and re-sizing isn't as bad as I believe? Maybe I'm just hungry for a good ol' fashioned hunt. I need to work off my irritation at not finding what I want with sleuthing out substitutions.

Well, whatever the reason may be, I welcome you to join me in the great search for the Patt-O-Rama dress pictured above. I love a good mystery and if you do too read more below.

Not sure if you've ever heard of this site: It has this great section to the right called: Unlock Your Potential Dress from Click on that and there is pages of ModCloth dresses/ outfit combos with suggestions of patterns to make your own. (How great is this!) Looking through the different dresses I found a few similar styles which seemed to come back to this pattern:

Simplicity (New Look) 6587

It's a bit different. This pattern has more of a gathered skirt and the blouse has a different construction but it does have a similar look.

I love the look of this ModCloth dress they suggest this pattern for----->

Take a look
The ModCloth dress looks to have more of a paneled skirt and less waist gathering, having more of a similarity to the Patt-O-Rama dress.

I love the look of the Patt-O-Rama dress and want to get as close to it as possible. Besides the idea of the Simplicity 6587, another option would be a separate skirt and shirt pattern. When I found the Patt-O-Rama pattern, it was said to be from the 1960's, but it also has a 1940's look in my opinion, so snooping around in the 40's patterns might not be a bad idea either.

You know I'd love your feedback. Until next time, happy dress dabbling! ;}

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