Friday, April 18, 2014

The Positively Poppy Dress

Well, I'm positively HAPPY about this dress! This is my fifth and final Dolly Clackett dress and have to say, it's a project that overshot my expectations!

This is the dress that would have never been without this contest. I hunted down this fabric for a Dolly Clackett and then paired it with a Roisin fav, the Elisalex.

I also copied Roisin's "happy" mistake where she sewed the skirt on upside down. Brownies wouldn't have been invented without running out of eggs! Like brownies, the world just can't live without the "upside down" tulip skirt!

It just shows the absolute versatility of By Hand London, when you can sew your skirt on upside down and come out with a new, awesome sort of hack!

I'm wearing my BAIT shoes again, the same ones from the Cup O' Luck Dress.

I don't have a whole lot to say about the construction. I've made this pattern before so it was a nice reunion. Actually it went together a little quicker than I remembered. I underlined the skirt with a heavy red cotton, comparable to light denim, to give the poppy fabric a bit more muscle. It holds up that tulip shape super!

I also did some topstitching around the collar and princess seams.

Now, I'm getting a craving for a denim Elisalex with orange topstitching like you see in jeans.

Being it's my last dress of the competition, I wanta say thanks to Roisin for marrying that handsome man of hers and having a wonderful bunch of friends to throw a dress contest for her! I've had so much fun!

I also want to mention how inspiring Miss Roisin and her blog is. You may think you are just a girl out there making dresses, (Roisin), and having a cocktail or two, but you're a true inspirator. You've taught me so much and gave me a some courage to not worry so much what others think, but to look for what makes me happy. Because that's really why we sew right? For something happy to do and to wear.



  1. This is gorgeous! I have such Elisalex envy. Can't seem to get the fit right. Yours is beautiful, fits perfectly, and the fabric you used is ideal. Wow. Another incredible Dolly Clackett tribute.
    And good luck with your denim Elisalex. Sounds inspired.