Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Georgia Dress

Not sure about you, but sometimes when I finish a dress, (or even while sewing it), a theme song emerges. Well, here's mine for this here Georgia...

Okay, okay... I know, a bit dramatic, but hey! Look at this dress!

This is my newest dress... the infectious Georgia. The pattern is from By Hand London, the fabric from Emerald City Fabric. (Yes folks that's a novelty Seattle print!)

I veered from the pattern a bit as you probably noticed. I added a bodice instead of straps, quilting cotton instead of fancy fabric, and as a result, relaxed it a bunch. I wanted to make a casual dress, a everyday dress I could wear anywhere all the time, not just have sitting in my closet waiting for a special occasion.
The bodice worked out to be a pretty simple change. Just traced one of my tried and true, sleeveless bodice patterns; made the dress up as pattern instructed, top stitching the bodice to the rest.

Paired with a cardi, leggings, and boots-- it makes a fun, comfy outfit... ... ... that can't be missed. (Not sure if I'm lov'en the orange cardi but the red one I have on my knitting needles isn't quite done yet.)

I loved working with this pattern. I used the understitching technique suggested on the By Hand London's blog for the top of the bust and it worked brilliantly! An awesome tool that I'll use like mad. The only thing I ended up not liking about this project was the fabric I picked for the bodice. It's a slippery, sateen type when I think I should have stuck with cotton. It does this wrinkly thing when I wear it that I don't appreciate.

I look forward to making quite a collection of Georgia's. I think a lace bodice, (maybe underlined with cotton), would be pretty, and I do have some ideas for some more versions including straps too.

Now I'll leave you with some more drama... because everyone needs more of that right?

Ohhhhhh Georgia!
sorry... just hadda.

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