Monday, July 15, 2013

My Evergreen Riverine in Spring... Finished in Summer

Not sure if you've seen the new pattern by Andi Satterlund featured in the fifth pompom issue? I finished mine, using the evergreen's in spring color design.

I was fortunate to find this vintage yarn at the thrift store a while back and held on to it for the perfect project. Its made by Sunray Yarns and is 100% wool. It has a soft, light feel to it, and as you can see, vibrant color.

I didn't realize until after I started my Riverine that I'd chose the colors of the evergreens in spring, with their bright new growth peeking brightly through the dark green. I hurried out and took pictures, knowing I'd never be finished in time before the new growth faded.

As you can see by the middle photo, by the time I was almost done with one side the vibrancy of the new growth faded exponentially.

Overall this was a very fun sweater to knit. It has a simpleness to it that makes watching movies, passenger driving, and days outside completely plausible. And the bit where Andi mentions the lace being easy to memorize, is absolutely true! I can say this honestly because this is my FIRST time attempting lace and it was FUN! Also I love that I can use colors, (such as the bright jade green), that would look horrendous closer to my face, balanced with another color.

Not sure if you can see from the photo's but I did change the pattern a bit. I took out some of the rows in the main body, (because I'm vertically challanged and sometimes shop in the kids department), to take away some length and I casted off early in the middle lace portion, to create a sort of scooped neck.

Want'a hear about the mistakes?

Well, if you look closely under the bust, you'll notice a color variation in the jade green. That my friends, is another lot number of the same yarn. When I found this yarn at the thrift store there was a small separate portion, without a label, and I just assumed it was the same. Well... it obviously wasn't. The color change doesn't bother me but if I was to do it all over again I would have started with the different shade instead of sticking it in the middle.

My other mistake was the gage for the lace. I had to do more rows than stated in the pattern to accommodate for my "too small" gage, and as you can see, it made the sweater more of a tank top than a retro cap sleeve design. Again with this boo-boo, I still like it and it's nice to know, even with mistakes, this is a nice knit. :)

I've started another, if your curious...

Also using some thrift store yarn, (raspberry pink/red wool, and heathered gray). I also have a bit of a variation going on as you can see, (didn't have enough of the gray so started the raspberry sooner). So far, absolutely love it! The colors really pop and I have fabric for a perfect raspberry pencil skirt to go with it. :) This yarn though does not fit with summer but more fall/winter/early spring. So, I'll have to wait for the full outfit ensemble. But...

Lookie Lookie... there'll be a cotton one next! Just perfect for summer!

BTW, I'm not obsessing..... Heaven forbid you'd think I was a pattern obsessor!

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  1. Great job! I can't wait to get that good at knitting. I'm a newbie at it and just making easy things like scarves and tea cozies, but it's so relaxing nevertheless.