Sunday, June 16, 2013

Eat Your Veggies Numma Numma Socks

Don't you just love this yarn?!? I got it from Eat.Sleep.Knit and it's called Eat Your Veggies, made by Numma Numma.

I got the pattern from Sock Knitting Master Class but changed the pattern so much I don't think it would even qualify as the same in the book. First off the pattern was way to big, but that's probably no fault of the pattern maker, but more has to do with "one size DOES NOT fit all" and I sometimes shop in the kids section!?! Unfortunately, most woman's sock patterns are way to big for me. (sigh)

Secondly, (an obvious change), I used variegated yarn instead of the doing the color work. So I sort of winged it, trying the socks on as I went.

Thirdly, I used a "knit two at a time" sock method, that helped a lot with my bad "one sock syndrome". You know that hideous syndrome of knitting one sock then not wanting to knit the next and having your UFO's (unfinished objects) pile up with one sock wonders... ... ...

Overall, pretty awesome socks. The sort of knitting project that makes me smile. Now... I have to sew a navy blue corduroy skirt to match, and need to knit the perfect cropped, green cardigan. Maybe need to find a yellow shirt to pull it all together... ... ... (sigh) Humm, what shoes would be best?

Do you get inspired to create whole outfits by the things you make? Or do you do it the logical, intelligent way, and make things for an already existing wardrobe?

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