Thursday, July 12, 2012

Obsessions/Collections: The First Owls

     Collections are funny things. Why or what a person collects and how they go about it is a very personal thing. Collections can be surprising or confusing or totally understandable. I love to collect. Think I have more collections than not. I also think it's great fun hearing about others collections, so if you have a collection, please share.

     Today, I'd like to introduce the first of the flock. These two handsome guys started it all. Here I was moseying through the thrift store, when WHAMO! I was struck speechless. I tried to ignore them, forcing my eyes to other things, walking past repeatedly repeating to myself, "Nope, don't need another collection. Nope, collect too many things. Nope." But somehow they flew into my cart!?!

   When I got home, figured I'd be kicking myself for being so weak, letting these dirty rascals follow me home, but all I could do unwrapping them, was smile. Owls have always been interesting birds but never did I feel connected enough to strike up a collection. Honestly, leaving the store with them, I still didn't understand. There was just something there. Something that spoke to me on some unexplainable level.

     Okay, stop that eye rolling. I don't consider myself new-agey or anything. I'm a pretty grounded person but I do loooove art and creativity and imagination. This is the explanation I settled on because they fit into these three categories without batting a painted eye. I'm not saying collections need an explanation but usually I understand my desire to collect, and that darn Nancy Drew alarm kept blaring every time I stoled a peek at their silent beaks.

    Well, I better get on with sharing them with you. The mystery still continues with these guys. All I know is they can still make me smile and I found my favorites are based off of these two: wood, carved, folk, hand-painted, pottery/ceramic, mexican, and unique. So here's some more and stick around to see some more of my owl collection.

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