Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chocolate, Weight Loss, and Zuzana Light

How would you like to try a treat packed with chocolaty goodness that is, (amazingly enough), good for you? Even said to help you lose weight!

My husband began a "eat healthier, lose weight" regime a few months ago, (and he's doing great. Way to go honey!) Making lifestyle changes is no easy feat and anyone with the self-motivation and drive, willing to stick with it deserve major kudos!

Anyway, he searches for healthy, but yummy, recipes. And it's true, that darn sweet tooth can be tricked! He found this brownie recipe from the Body Rock site. (Holy Moly there are some HARD exercises on there!) If you seriously want to work your butt off take a look at what they got.

Look below to see how these brownies are made. My husband thought of using a melon baller instead of cutting it in squares. Works great!

Do you have any sweet tooth deceivers? Us sweet-tooth tricksters must bond together like caramel covered taffy and take up the fight... for truth, justice, and the American way! Well... maybe that's a bit much but... it's a passionate cause.

If you have any recipes to share, love to hear them.

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