Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Antioxidants,Coffee, and Milk?

Without my coffee I feel like a...

Or a...

Or some other form of gastropod.

     I have a passion for coffee, or maybe better put, for caffeine in general. Well, it's a good thing! Caffeine is great for you when consumed in moderation. Fights depression, plumb full of antioxidants, and other stuff. <------- (Google it and be amazed!)

     For a while there folks were worried about cow's milk decreasing the health benefits of coffee. Well, good news! Coffee works just fine with cow milk so don't cross it off your list of healthy. According to Healthy Fellow 's interesting article, there's a lot to be jumping out of your socks about.

     So quit sluggin' about! Have that cup of joe or jolt of tea and accomplish something inspirational.

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