Sunday, June 1, 2014

The "Thank You" Monsters Ready to Go

I made some more Monster Chunks and they're ready to send out their thank you's to some hard working teachers.

A blue one for Mr. Band Teacher.

A raspberry red one for a certain special Kindergarden teacher.

Then there's the Mountain Dew Monster! Hilarious story with this one... I asked my ten year old, "So, what's the thing that stands out about your teacher?" "Well," says he, "She really LOVES Mountain Dew. She drinks it ALL the time. I never see her without it and if she doesn't have it she's always asking, "Where's my Mountain Dew?"

Very funny! Especially because all the times I've volunteered in her classroom, I've never seen her with a Mountain Dew!?! Glad my son had this idea though, cause this has got to be my most favorite-ist monster chunk yet!

Later gators and have a monstrously good day while your at it!

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