Saturday, August 4, 2012

Black Swirls and Skulls: The X-Files Boots

These guys are my second favorite. They're so darn comfy and the design is awesome. I also found these on eBay, one of those "bought them and wore them a couple of times" deals. They were pretty much bran-new, with tags and box, at half the cost. In fact...
all but one of my Doc's I've bought on eBay. You save big time when buying Doc's used. Plus it's pretty great to have the boots already broke in if you can. I look for vintage, so eBay fills both of these categories.

I can't seem to find the info about this boot, but if I remember correctly they were a special anniversary addition. The swirls are actual stitching and the cute skulls look more like aliens to me, so I call them my X-Files boots. :)

I'll be back again tomorrow with a lovely pare of... well you'll see.

iphone Apps used: OldPhotoPRO & Cartoon

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