Monday, July 23, 2012

Thrifty Bed Sheet Fabric

Affordable yards of fabric. An arrangement of vintage prints. The warm fuzzy feeling of recycling and being thrifty. Does this sound like something up your alley?
Today, I’d like to introduce the bed sheet sewing phenomena, share a few ideas and maybe inspire you to start your own project.

Maybe you think this idea is a bit strange. I mean come on, old bed sheets! But trust me, if you think of it just as fabric it isn’t so weird. Plus if your the thrifty type like me, it will totally appeal to your thrifty nature. And it’s not a new idea. Take a look at these.

So what can you make with bed sheets? About anything that can be made with regular fabric. Take a stroll down the bedding isle at your local thrift store. Imagine dresses, skirts, shirts. Or, if you lean more toward the quilting side of things, a sheet can be a whole quilt back or cut up into fat quarters. There are millions of possibilities. The sky’s the limit.

So how much fabric are we talking about? Here’s a handy yardage link. Most vintage dress patterns I’ve looked at call for three or four yards so you can imagine how much is saved in a project like that. If you are making a dress and the sheet is too thin simply take another sheet and double it up. It’s still very inexpensive when we are talking about only a couple of bucks per sheet.

Well, hope I’ve inspired you to have some fun and get crafty. If you have any links to bed sheet projects, or ideas you’d like to share, I’d sure love to see them. 

Until next time, adios amigos ;}

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